2022 NFL Playoff Bracket

2022 NFL Playoff Bracket

The NFL postseason bracket includes six teams from each NFL conference. The winners of the AFC and NFC divisions are automatically qualified for the playoffs. The four clubs are rated 1–4 based on their total win-loss record.

The wild card is awarded to the fifth and sixth seeded. The next two clubs with the best records in each conference advance to the playoffs. The more powerful side is rated fifth, while the weaker side is placed sixth.

The top four seeds and wild cards are split mechanically. The tiebreaker starts with a head-to-head match. There are division records, records versus common opponents, and many other things.

The top two teams from each conference advance to the Wild Card Round. Seed No. 1 is the lowest remaining Wild Card seed. Two seeds face battle against the winner of the other Wild Card Round.

The top seed in the conference also gets home field advantage in the playoffs. The Divisional Round is the second round of the playoffs, with the victors advancing to the championship round. The AFC and NFC championship games are hosted by the higher seeded team.

As usual, the Super Bowl will meet the two AFC and NFC conference champions. In the previous Super Bowl, Kansas City came up as the winner of the Super Bowl. The good fact is that it was the first team’s win in the last five decades.

The officials inside the particular organization have come up with the ideas to alter the playoff program. The change has been relevant since the 2002 season. It is when the Houston Texans enrolled themselves to the NFL. As a result, the particular league would have 32 teams who competed in the prestigious event.

With the newer changes, there would be 14 playoff teams. That means there is one more team in each conference to make the balance sensible.

The officials have appointed the new system. In this system, the only team who got the 1st-round bye would be the no.1 seed in the conference. If the officials approved the proposals, the new playoff system could be effective immediately in the season 2020.

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