NFL Playoff Standings 2022: Seed, Team, Record for AFC & NFC

According to the current playoff picture, Tennessee Titans are the No. 1 seed in The AFC standings with their impressive performance. On the other side, Green Bay Packers led in the NFC standings. Here is the latest NFL Playoff Standings 2022 for AFC and NFC Conferences.

AFC standings

1.Tennessee Titans12-5
2.Kansas City Chiefs12-5
3.Buffalo Bills11-6
4.Cincinnati Bengals10-7
5.Las Vegas Raiders10-7
6.New England Patriots10-7
7.Pittsburgh Steelers9-7-1

Eliminated: Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, Denver Broncos, Houston Texans, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars

NFC standings

1.Green Bay Packers13-4
2.Tampa Bay Buccaneers13-4
3.Dallas Cowboys12-5
4.Los Angeles Rams12-5
5.Arizona Cardinals11-6
6.San Francisco 49ers10-7
7.Philadelphia Eagles9-8

Eliminated: New Orleans Saints, Minnesota Vikings, Washington Football Team, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears, Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, Detroit Lions

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What is the NFL Playoff Standings 2022?

The new NFL playoff system contains specifics on how seeding will be applied beginning in 2021. While the NFL’s enlarged playoff bracket has been a source of debate throughout the season, as the playoffs near, it’s worth taking a look at how a 14-team field performs in its debut season.

In the 2020 season, the league increased from 12 to 14 qualifying clubs. While many of the motivations are financial in nature, they also produce a playoff picture that is unlike what NFL fans are used to seeing. Each league will play a No. 7 seed for the first time in league history. Furthermore, each team is given only one bye. This demands a reconsideration of the criteria used to judge late-season results.

If you’re unfamiliar with the new bracket or simply want to refresh your memory, we’ve broken it down for you below, both to show how it works and to explain why it’s required. As previously indicated, clubs did not compete for the No. 2 slot and corresponding bye for the first time this season. Finally, this season will include two extra playoff teams, which should result in two additional teams deserving of our support (not counting the NFC East, because yuck).

NFL Playoff Standings 2022

Making the playoffs

There will be 14 teams who will make the NFL playoffs for the 2020 Regular season.

7 teams in the NFC, and the other seven teams will come from the AFC.

There are a total of 32 teams in the NFL. And no more than half of them can advance to make such an achievement in the postseason. The seeding breaks down as the four division winners seeded no. 1-4.

It is an expansion that many of the huge football fans are willing to embrace for this season. There are 14 team playoff fields in the expansion for the season.

Before the current season, we were stuck with 12 teams to make the postseason with six teams in each conference. The only way it will change is by relying on the third wild card team. As for the wild car, they will be the no. 7 seed.

Through this page, you will be able to see the playoff bracket in the new 14-team playoff field. So, there will be no two traditional byes for each conference. Instead, there will only be one team in each conference who can get the first-round bye.

The top seed teams will be facing the winner of the 4 out of five game in the divisional round. But that will only work if the favorite wins. If it does not meet the certain condition, the number 1 will play the worst remaining seed,

There will be the same number of rounds despite the additional playoff games. The wild card round will involve 12 teams who are competing. It is more numerous than the previous eight in the qualifiers in the past seasons.

There will be two teams of the NFL who can get the first-round byes in the postseason. One is from the AFC, and the other one is from the NFC team.