NFL Preseason Schedule 2023: NFL Games on TV Today

The NFL 2023 preseason is right around the corner, allowing fans to witness their favorite teams in action for the first time since the close of the 2022 season.

This year brings an array of fascinating storylines: from Aaron Rodgers’ stint as the Jets’ quarterback to the debut of first-round picks like Bryce Young, C.J. Stroud, and Anthony Richardson. The preseason also showcases the strategy of first-time coaches like DeMeco Ryans for the Texans and former Colts coach Frank Reich for the Panthers.

The preseason schedule for 2023, which remains unchanged with its three-game format from 2022, is undoubtedly a must-follow for any NFL aficionado.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the 2023 NFL preseason schedule, including weekly matchups, game times, and channels, among other essential details.

NFL Preseason Schedule 2023

Key Dates for the 2023 NFL Preseason

The 2023 NFL preseason commences on Thursday, August 3rd, culminating on Sunday, August 27th. The traditional Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio, kickstarts the preseason with a faceoff between the Jets and the Browns.

This event coincides with the induction of a nine-member class into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, featuring several notable names.

Following the same format as in 2022, the preseason concludes on Sunday, August 27th, marking the end of the exhibition games and paving the way for the regular season.

How to Watch NFL Preseason Games 2023 live stream Online

Selected preseason games will be aired nationally on CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN, and Amazon Prime. The NFL Network will also broadcast 23 games. For fans residing in teams’ respective markets, games can be accessed via local network affiliates.

NFL+ is an excellent platform for those interested in streaming, providing access to out-of-market games. FuboTV also offers a free trial for nationally broadcast games.

The NFL Preseason 2023 Schedule: Week by Week

To ensure clarity, the following is the week-by-week lineup of the 2023 NFL preseason:

Hall of Fame Game

The Hall of Fame game on Thursday, August 3rd, features the Jets vs. the Browns at 8 p.m. ET, broadcast on NBC and available for streaming on Fubo.

DateMatchupTime (ET)Channel
Thursday, August 3NY Jets at Cleveland8:00 pmNBC

NFL Preseason Week 1: August 10 – August 13

Thursday, August 10

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Houston at New England7:00 pmLocal/NFLN
Minnesota at Seattle10:00 pmLocal/NFLN

Friday, August 11

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Atlanta at Miami7:00 pmLocal
Green Bay at Cincinnati7:00 pmLocal/NFLN
NY Giants at Detroit7:00 pmLocal
Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay7:00 pmLocal
Washington at Cleveland7:30 pmLocal
Denver at Arizona10:00 pmLocal/NFLN

Saturday, August 12

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Indianapolis at Buffalo1:00 pmLocal
Tennessee at Chicago1:00 pmLocal/NFLN
NY Jets at Carolina4:00 pmLocal/NFLN
Jacksonville at Dallas5:00 pmLocal
Philadelphia at Baltimore7:00 pmLocal/NFLN
LA Chargers at LA Rams9:00 pmLocal/NFLN

Sunday, August 13

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Kansas City at New Orleans1:00 pmLocal/NFLN
San Francisco at Las Vegas4:00 pmLocal/NFLN

Week 2: August 17 – August 21

Thursday, August 17

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Cleveland at Philadelphia7:30 pmLocal/NFLN

Friday, August 18

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Carolina at NY Giants7:00 pmLocal/NFLN
Cincinnati at Atlanta7:30pmLocal

Saturday, August 19

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Jacksonville at Detroit1:00 pmLocal/NFLN
Miami at Houston4:00 pmLocal/NFLN
Buffalo at Pittsburgh6:30 pmLocal
Chicago at Indianapolis7:00 pmLocal/NFLN
Tampa Bay at NY Jets7:30 pmLocal
Kansas City at Arizona8:00 pmLocal
New England at Green Bay8:00 pmLocal
Tennessee at Minnesota8:00 pmLocal
Denver at San Francisco8:30 pmLocal
Las Vegas at LA Rams9:00 pmLocal
Dallas at Seattle10:00 pmLocal/NFLN

Sunday, August 20

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
New Orleans at LA Chargers7:05 pmLocal/NFLN

Monday, August 21

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Baltimore at Washington8:00 pmESPN

Week 3: August 24 – August 27

Thursday, August 24

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Pittsburgh at Atlanta7:30 pmLocal/NFLN
Indianapolis at Philadelphia8:00 pmPrime Video

Friday, August 25

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Detroit at Carolina8:00 pmCBS
New England at Tennessee8:15 pmLocal/NFLN
LA Chargers at San Francisco10:00 pmLocal/NFLN

Saturday, August 26

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Arizona at Minnesota1:00 pmLocal
Buffalo at Chicago1:00 pmLocal
Cleveland at Kansas City1:00 pmLocal/NFLN
Seattle at Green Bay1:00 pmLocal
NY Jets at NY Giants6:00 pmLocal/NFLN
Cincinnati at Washington6:05 pmLocal
Baltimore at Tampa Bay7:00 pmLocal
Miami at Jacksonville7:00 pmLocal
Las Vegas at Dallas8:00 pmLocal
LA Rams at Denver9:00 pmLocal/NFLN

Sunday, August 27

MatchupTime (ET)Channel
Houston at New Orleans8:00 pmFOX

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Frequently Asked Questions: NFL Preseason 2023

What is the NFL preseason and how does it work?

The NFL preseason is a series of exhibition games that takes place annually before the official NFL “regular” season starts. Kicking off with the celebrated Pro Football Hall of Fame game in early August, NFL teams engage in three weeks of exhibition matches.

How many preseason games are being played in the NFL 2023?

In 2023, 49 preseason games are scheduled in the NFL.

How many preseason games are each team participating in?

Every team in the NFL partakes in three preseason games, except for the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns. These two teams each participate in four preseason games, as they’re both featured in the 2023 Hall of Fame Game.

How many preseason games are being broadcast live by NFL Network?

The NFL Network, as the exclusive broadcaster of the 2023 NFL preseason games, will be airing 23 games. Their live coverage begins with 10 games in the first week, starting on Thursday, Aug. 10 at 7 p.m. ET.

Is there overtime in NFL preseason games?

No, NFL preseason games do not typically feature overtime. If a game is tied at the end of the regulation time, it usually ends as a tie without proceeding to a traditional overtime period to decide a winner.

The NFL preseason presents fans with a thrilling opportunity to see their favorite teams and players back in action before the regular season begins.

While these games might be exhibition matches, they’re an exciting precursor to the regular season and a chance to observe how off-season changes have impacted teams.

Be sure to tune in and witness all the action unfold.

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