NFL Schedule 2022: Date, Start Time, Live Stream, TV Channel

Are you looking for NFL TV Schedule 2022? On this page, you will get the Complete 2022 NFL Schedule by week, by team and Today NFL Games including dates, times, TV Channels, live stream Guide

The 2022 offseason of NFL is getting close. Thus, NFL officials have made some preparations for the 2023 season.

2022 NFL preseason end on August 28, 2022. The teams will then need to select down their roster to 53 players on August 30. Hence, they will continue to the practice camp from September 4. The regular season will then start not a long time from that date.

When does the NFL season start?

On Thursday, September 8, at 8:00 p.m. ET, the Los Angeles Rams will meet the Buffalo Bills. The Rams won the Super Bowl last year. After the regular season concludes on January 8, the playoffs begin on January 15. On Sunday, February 12, Super Bowl LVII will be held at Arizona’s State Farm Stadium.

NFL Schedule 2022

NFL Schedule for Today

In this section, We will regularly updates Today NFL Games. If you see the today’s NFL TV schedule. Just follow this section:

Thursday, August 4, 2022 (Hall of Fame Game)

MatchupTime (ET)TV
Jacksonville at Las Vegas (Canton, Ohio)8:00 PMNBC, fuboTV

NFL Team Schedule

If you want to get your favorite team’s NFL Schecule follow this section:

AFC EastAFC NorthAFC SouthAFC West
New England PatriotsBaltimore RavensHouston TexansKansas City Chiefs
Buffalo BillsPittsburgh SteelersTennessee TitansDenver Broncos
New York JetsCleveland BrownsIndianapolis ColtsLas Vegas Raiders
Miami DolphinsCincinnati BengalsJacksonville JaguarsLos Angeles Chargers
NFC EastNFC NorthNFC SouthNFC West
Philadelphia EaglesGreen Bay PackersNew Orleans SaintsSan Francisco 49ers
Dallas CowboysMinnesota VikingsAtlanta FalconsSeattle Seahawks
New York GiantsChicago BearsTampa Bay BuccaneersLos Angeles Rams
Washington CommandersDetroit LionsCarolina PanthersArizona Cardinals

2022 NFL Schedule (Weekly)

Here is the complete NFL Schedule 2022, week by week including kick-off time, TV Channel of each match.

NFL Week 1 Schedule

Thursday, September 8

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Bills vs. Rams8:20 PMNBC

Sunday, September 11

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Saints vs. Falcons1 PMFox
Browns vs. Panthers1 PMCBS
49ers vs. Bears1 PMFox
Steelers vs. Bengals1 PMCBS
Eagles vs. Lions1 PMFox
Colts vs. Texans1 PMCBS
Patriots vs. Dolphins1 PMCBS
Ravens vs. Jets1 PMCBS
Jaguars vs. Commanders1 PMFox
Chiefs vs. Cardinals4:25 PMCBS
Raiders vs. Chargers4:25 PMCBS
Packers vs. Vikings4:25 PMFox
Giants vs. Titans4:25 PMFox
Buccaneers vs. Cowboys4:25 PMCBS

Monday, September 12

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Broncos vs. Seahawks8:15 PMESPN/ABC

NFL Week 2 Schedule

Thursday, September 15

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Chargers vs. Chiefs8:20 PMAmazon

Sunday, September 18

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Dolphins vs. Ravens1 PMCBS
Jets vs. Browns1 PMCBS
Commanders vs. Lions1 PMFox
Colts vs. Jaguars1 PMCBS
Buccaneers vs. Saints1 PMFox
Panthers vs. Giants1 PMFox
Patriots vs. Steelers1 PMCBS
Falcons vs. Rams4:05 PMFox
Seahawks vs. 49ers4:05 PMFox
Bengals vs. Cowboys4:25 PMCBS
Texans vs. Broncos4:25 PMCBS
Cardinals vs. Raiders4:25 PMCBS
Bears vs. Packers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, September 19

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Titans vs. Bills7 PMESPN
Vikings vs. Eagles8:30 PMABC

NFL Week 3 Schedule

Thursday, September 22

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Steelers vs. Browns8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, September 25

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Saints vs. Panthers1 PMFox
Texans vs. Bears1 PMCBS
Chiefs vs. Colts1 PMCBS
Bills vs. Dolphins1 PMCBS
Lions vs. Vikings1 PMFox
Ravens vs. Patriots1 PMFox
Bengals vs. Jets1 PMCBS
Raiders vs. Titans1 PMFox
Eagles vs. Commanders1 PMFox
Jaguars vs. Chargers4:05 PMCBS
Rams vs. Cardinals4:25 PMFox
Falcons vs. Seahawks4:25 PMFox
Packers vs. Buccaneers4:25 PMFox
49ers vs. Broncos8:20 PMNBC

Monday, September 26

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Cowboys vs. Giants8:15 PMESPN/ABC

NFL Week 4 Schedule

Thursday, September 29

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Dolphins vs. Bengals8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, October 2

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Vikings vs. Saints (London)9:30 PMNFL Network
Browns vs. Falcons1 PMCBS
Bills vs. Ravens1 PMCBS
Commanders vs. Cowboys1 PMFox
Seahawks vs. Lions1 PMFox
Chargers vs. Texans1 PMCBS
Titans vs. Colts1 PMFox
Bears vs. Giants1 PMFox
Jaguars vs. Eagles1 PMCBS
Jets vs. Steelers1 PMCBS
Cardinals vs. Panthers4:05 PMFox
Patriots vs. Packers4:25 PMCBS
Broncos vs. Raiders4:25 PMCBS
Chiefs vs. Buccaneers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, October 3

GameTime (ET)TV channel
Rams vs. 49ers8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 5 Schedule

Thursday, October 6

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Colts vs. Broncos8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, October 9

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Giants vs. Packers (London)9:30 AMNFL Network
Steelers vs. Bills1 PMCBS
Chargers vs. Browns1 PMCBS
Texans vs. Jaguars1 PMCBS
Bears vs. Vikings1 PMFox
Lions vs. Patriots1 PMFox
Seahawks vs. Saints1 PMFox
Dolphins vs. Jets1 PMCBS
Falcons vs. Buccaneers1 PMFox
Titans vs. Commanders1 PMFox
49ers vs. Panthers4:05 PMCBS
Eagles vs. Cardinals4:25 PMFox
Cowboys vs. Rams4:25 PMFox
Bengals vs. Ravens8:20 PMNBC

Monday, October 10

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Raiders vs. Chiefs8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 6 Schedule

Thursday, October 13

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Commanders vs. Bears8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, October 16

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
49ers vs. Falcons1 PMFox
Patriots vs. Browns1 PMCBS
Jets vs. Packers1 PMFox
Jaguars vs. Colts1 PMCBS
Vikings vs. Dolphins1 PMFox
Bengals vs. Saints1 PMCBS
Ravens vs. Giants1 PMCBS
Buccaneers vs. Steelers1 PMFox
Panthers vs. Rams4:05 PMFox
Cardinals vs. Seahawks4:05 PMFox
Bills vs. Chiefs4:25 PMCBS
Cowboys vs. Eagles8:20 PMNBC

Monday, October 17

GameTime (ET)TV channel
Broncos vs. Chargers8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 7 Schedule

Thursday, October 20

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Saints vs. Cardinals8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, October 23

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Browns vs. Ravens1 PMCBS
Buccaneers vs. Panthers1 PMFox
Falcons vs. Bengals1 PMFox
Lions vs. Cowboys1 PMCBS
Giants vs. Jaguars1 PMFox
Colts vs. Titans1 PMCBS
Packers vs. Commanders1 PMFox
Jets vs. Broncos4:05 PMCBS
Texans vs. Raiders4:05 PMCBS
Seahawks vs. Chargers4:25 PMFox
Chiefs vs. 49ers4:25 PMFox
Steelers vs. Dolphins8:20 PMFox

Monday, October 24

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Bears vs. Patriots8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 8 Schedule

Thursday, October 27

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Ravens vs. Buccaneers8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, October 30

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Broncos vs. Jaguars (London)9:30 AMESPN+
Panthers vs. Falcons1 PMFox
Bears vs. Cowboys1 PMFox
Dolphins vs. Lions1 PMCBS
Cardinals vs. Vikings1 PMFox
Raiders vs. Saints1 PMCBS
Patriots vs. Jets1 PMCBS
Steelers vs. Eagles1 PMCBS
Titans vs. Texans4:05 PMCBS
Commanders vs. Colts4:25 PMFox
49ers vs. Rams4:25 PMFox
Giants vs. Seahawks4:25 PMFox
Packers vs. Bills8:20 PMNBC

Monday, October 31

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Bengals vs. Browns8:20 PMESPN

NFL Week 9 Schedule

Thursday, November 3

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Eagles vs. Texans8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, November 6

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Chargers vs. Falcons1 PMFox
Dolphins vs. Bears1 PMCBS
Panthers vs. Bengals1 PMFox
Packers vs. Lions1 PMFox
Raiders vs. Jaguars1 PMCBS
Colts vs. Patriots1 PMCBS
Bills vs. Jets1 PMCBS
Vikings vs. Commanders1 PMFox
Seahawks vs. Cardinals4:05 PMFox
Rams vs. Buccaneers4:25 PMCBS
Titans vs. Chiefs8:20 PMNBC

Monday, November 7

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Ravens vs. Saints8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 10 Schedule

Thursday, November 10

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Falcons vs. Panthers8:15 PM Amazon

Sunday, November 13

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Seahawks vs. Buccaneers (Munich)9:30 AMNFL Network
Vikings vs. Bills1 PMFox
Lions vs. Bears1 PMFox
Jaguars vs. Chiefs1 PMCBS
Browns vs. Dolphins1 PMCBS
Texans vs. Giants1 PMCBS
Saints vs. Steelers1 PMFox
Broncos vs. Titans1 PMCBS
Colts vs. Raiders4:05 PMCBS
Cowboys vs. Packers4:25 PMFox
Cardinals vs. Rams4:25 PMFox
Chargers vs. 49ers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, November 14

MatchupKickoff timeTV channel
Commanders vs. Eagles8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 11 Schedule

Thursday, November 17

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Titans vs. Packers8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, November 20

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
49ers vs. Cardinals (Mexico City)8:15 PMESPN
Bears vs. Falcons1 PMFox
Panthers vs. Ravens1 PMFox
Browns vs. Bills1 PMCBS
Commanders vs. Texans1 PMFox
Eagles vs. Colts1 PMCBS
Jets vs. Patriots1 PMCBS
Rams vs. Saints1 PMFox
Lions vs. Giants1 PMFox
Raiders vs. Broncos4:05 PMFox
Chiefs vs. Chargers4:25 PMCBS
Cowboys vs. Vikings4:25 PMCBS
Bengals vs. Steelers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, November 21

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
49ers vs. Cardinals8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 12 Schedule

Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving)

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Bills vs. Lions12:30 PMCBS
Giants vs. Cowboys4:30 PMFox
Patriots vs. Vikings8:20 PMNBC

Sunday, November 27

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Broncos vs. Panthers1 PMFox
Buccaneers vs. Browns1 PMFox
Ravens vs. Jaguars1 PMCBS
Texans vs. Dolphins1 PMCBS
Bears vs. Jets1 PMFox
Bengals vs. Titans1 PMCBS
Falcons vs. Commanders1 PMFox
Chargers vs. Cardinals4:05 PMCBS
Raiders vs. Seahawks4:05 PMCBS
Rams vs. Chiefs4:25 PMFox
Saints vs. 49ers4:25 PMFox
Packers vs. Eagles8:20 PMNBC

Monday, November 28

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Steelers vs. Colts8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 13 Schedule

Thursday, December 1

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Bills vs. Patriots8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, December 4

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Steelers vs. Falcons1 PMCBS
Broncos vs. Ravens1 PMCBS
Packers vs. Bears1 PMFox
Jaguars vs. Lions1 PMFox
Browns vs. Texans1 PMCBS
Jets vs. Vikings1 PMCBS
Commanders vs. Giants1 PMFox
Titans vs. Eagles1 PMFox
Seahawks vs. Rams4:05 PMFox
Dolphins vs. 49ers4:05 PMFox
Chiefs vs. Bengals4:25 PMCBS
Chargers vs. Raiders4:25 PMCBS
Colts vs. Cowboys8:20 PMNBC

Monday, December 5

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Saints vs. Buccaneers8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 14 Schedule

Thursday, December 8

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Raiders vs. Rams8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, December 11

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Jets vs. Bills1 PMCBS
Browns vs. Bengals1 PMCBS
Texans vs. Cowboys1 PMFox
Vikings vs. Lions1 PMFox
Eagles vs. Giants1 PMFox
Ravens vs. Steelers1 PMCBS
Jaguars vs. Titans1 PMCBS
Dolphins vs. Chargers4:05 PMCBS
Buccaneers vs. 49ers4:25 PMFox
Panthers vs. Seahawks4:25 PMFox
Chiefs vs. Broncos8:20 PMNBC

Monday, December 12

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Patriots vs. Cardinals8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 15 Schedule

Thursday, December 15

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
49ers vs. Seahawks8:15 PMAmazon

Saturday, December 17

Note: (2 Games will move to Sunday)

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Dolphins vs. BillsTBDTBD
Ravens vs. BrownsTBDTBD
Colts vs. VikingsTBDTBD
Falcons vs. SaintsTBDTBD
Giants vs. CommandersTBDTBD

Sunday, December 18

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Steelers vs. Panthers1 PMCBS
Eagles vs. Bears1 PMFox
Chiefs vs. Texans1 PMCBS
Cowboys vs. Jaguars1 PMFox
Lions vs. Jets1 PMFox
Cardinals vs. Broncos4:05 PMFox
Titans vs. Chargers4:25 PMCBS
Bengals vs. Buccaneers4:25 PMCBS
Patriots vs. Raiders8:20 PMNBC

Monday, December 19

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Rams vs. Packers8:15 PMESPN/ABC

NFL Week 16 Schedule

Thursday, December 22

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Jaguars vs. Jets8:15 PMAmazon

Saturday, December 24

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Falcons vs. Ravens1 PMFox
Lions vs. Panthers1 PMFox
Bills vs. Bears1 PMCBS
Saints vs. Browns1 PMCBS
Seahawks vs. Chiefs1 PMFox
Giants vs. Vikings1 PMFox
Bengals vs. Patriots1 PMCBS
Texans vs. Titans1 PMCBS
Commanders vs. 49ers4:05 PMCBS
Eagles vs. Cowboys4:25 PMFox
Raiders vs. Steelers8:15 PMNFLN

Sunday, December 25

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Packers vs. Dolphins1 PMFox
Broncos vs. Rams4:30 PMCBS / Nick
Buccaneers vs. Cardinals8:20 PMNBC

Monday, December 26

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Chargers vs. Colts8:15 PMESPN

NFL Week 17 Schedule

Thursday, December 29

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Cowboys vs. Titans8:15 PMAmazon

Sunday, January 1

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Cardinals vs. Falcons1 PMFox
Steelers vs. Ravens1 PMCBS
Bears vs. Lions1 PMFox
Jaguars vs. Texans1 PMCBS
Broncos vs. Chiefs1 PMCBS
Dolphins vs. Patriots1 PMCBS
Colts vs. Giants1 PMCBS
Saints vs. Eagles1 PMFox
Panthers vs. Buccaneers1 PMFox
Browns vs. Commanders1 PMFox
49ers vs. Raiders4:05 PMFox
Jets vs. Seahawks4:05 PMFox
Vikings vs. Packers4:25 PMCBS
Rams vs. Chargers8:20 PMNBC

Monday, January 2

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Bills vs. Bengals8:30 PMESPN/ABC

NFL Week 18 Schedule

MatchupTime (ET)TV channel
Buccaneers vs. FalconsTBDTBD
Patriots vs. BillsTBDTBD
Vikings vs. BearsTBDTBD
Ravens vs. BengalsTBDTBD
Lions vs. PackersTBDTBD
Texans vs. ColtsTBDTBD
Titans vs. JaguarsTBDTBD
Jets vs. DolphinsTBDTBD
Panthers vs. SaintsTBDTBD
Giants vs. EaglesTBDTBD
Browns vs. SteelersTBDTBD
Cowboys vs. CommandersTBDTBD
Chargers vs. BroncosTBDTBD
Chiefs vs. RaidersTBDTBD
Cardinals vs. 49ersTBDTBD
Rams vs. SeahawksTBDTBD

What Channels will carry NFL games?

NFL TV Channels

The NFL announced this week that it has finalized long-term deals for the distribution of NFL games on television, digital platforms, and other media rights with Amazon, CBS, ESPN/ABC, FOX, and NBC.

Deals inked between 2022-2023 years will strengthen the NFL’s digital football while also assuring that all games are shown on television.


As it has done since 1998, CBS will continue to broadcast AFC games on Paramount+ on Sunday afternoons.


Customers of ESPN+, on the other hand, will be able to watch one International Series game on Monday Night Football per season. ESPN+ provides live sports events from both ESPN and ABC.


FOX will continue to air games on Sunday afternoons, but digital rights have been expanded to include AVOD streaming provider Tubi.


NBC will continue to air Sunday Night Football, and Peacock will air the same games at the same time. Peacock will give exclusive game streams as long as the agreement is in place.

Amazon Prime Video

In 2022, “Thursday Night Football” will be airing on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon’s Prime Video service will stream Thursday Night Football live. The NFL has confirmed that the 2021-22 regular season will air on Amazon Prime Video.

You can Try Amazon Prime Video 30-day free trial access.

How Can I Watch NFL Games without cable?

We also looked at the top streaming providers that offer the channels we want. What if you don’t have access to cable television? You may also watch football without having to pay for cable by utilizing the techniques listed below:

Use your Antenna

Regardless, antennas continue to operate. They’ve made strides in the right way. The preferred weapon of cord cutters. If you live near the towers, you may watch Fox, CBS, ABC, and NBC for free. You buy a best quality Antenna on Amazon.

Subscribe to Live Streaming service

FuboTV is the best online football streaming service. This reliable sports streaming service offers local networks such as the NFL Network. It has over 120 different channels.

NFL on Mobile devices

If you have an Android phone, you can watch National Football League games.

With the Yahoo Sports App, you and your friends can watch NFL and NBA games on your phone or tablet. It has the most up-to-date news, sports scores, and other information.

All regular season, playoff, and draft games are available for free on the NFL app.

Unbelievable? The apps are only available for Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad). These programs do not work with Chromecast or Apple TV for mirroring or projection..

Only games that are available in your area will be shown. If you stream live video on your phone without using Wi-Fi, you are wasting bandwidth.

NFL Game Pass

Some fans prefer to watch games that have already been broadcast on television. If you want to save games to watch later, NFL Game Pass is a great alternative.

For $99.99 per year, NFL Game Pass allows you to watch all regular-season games. Nobody cares about your market. Every game. The NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl are both covered. It might not be your option if you want to see the actions live.

When does the NFL Playoffs 2023 start?

NFL Playoffs will kick off on January 14 in 2023 and The divisional playoffs of the NFL will be held on January 21 and 22, 2023. Conference championships 29 January and NFL Final (Super Bowl) on Sunday, February 12.

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