NFL Bye Weeks 2024-2025: Schedule, Teams & Printable

The NFL bye weeks are a crucial part of the football season, giving teams a much-needed break to rest, recover, and prepare for the upcoming games.

For fans, understanding the bye week schedule is essential for planning game attendance, fantasy football strategies, and simply knowing when their favorite teams will not be playing.

Here’s a detailed look at the NFL bye weeks for the 2024-2025 season.

NFL Bye Weeks 2024

What are NFL Bye Weeks?

An NFL bye week is a week during the regular season when a team does not have a scheduled game. Each of the 32 NFL teams is given one bye week during the 18-week season.

This week off allows players to rest and recover from injuries and prepare for the remainder of the season. Bye weeks are strategically placed throughout the season to ensure that no team has an unfair advantage or disadvantage.

Your 2024 NFL Bye Week Calendar

Here is the Week-by-Week Breakdown:

Bye WeekTeams on Bye
Week 5Detroit, LA Chargers, Philadelphia, Tennessee
Week 6Kansas City, LA Rams, Miami, Minnesota
Week 7Chicago, Dallas
Week 9Pittsburgh, San Francisco
Week 10Cleveland, Green Bay, Las Vegas, Seattle
Week 11Arizona, Carolina, NY Giants, Tampa Bay
Week 12Atlanta, Buffalo, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, NY Jets, New Orleans
Week 14Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, New England, Washington

2024-2025 NFL Bye Weeks Schedule by Team

TeamBye Week
Arizona Cardinals11
Atlanta Falcons12
Baltimore Ravens14
Buffalo Bills12
Carolina Panthers11
Chicago Bears7
Cincinnati Bengals12
Cleveland Browns10
Dallas Cowboys7
Denver Broncos14
Detroit Lions5
Green Bay Packers10
Houston Texans14
Indianapolis Colts14
Jacksonville Jaguars12
Kansas City Chiefs6
LA Chargers5
LA Rams6
Las Vegas Raiders10
Miami Dolphins6
Minnesota Vikings6
NY Giants11
NY Jets12
New England Patriots14
New Orleans Saints12
Philadelphia Eagles5
Pittsburgh Steelers9
San Francisco 49ers9
Seattle Seahawks10
Tampa Bay Buccaneers11
Tennessee Titans5
Washington Commanders14

NFL Bye Week Schedule Printable

For those who prefer having a physical copy, a printable version of the NFL bye week schedule is available. This printable schedule can be especially useful for planning purposes, both for attending games and managing fantasy football teams. You can download a printable PDF of the 2024 NFL bye week schedule from here.


Why Bye Weeks Matter

Bye weeks are significant for several reasons:

  • Rest and Recovery: Players get a chance to heal from injuries and avoid burnout from the grueling 17-game season.
  • Strategic Advantage: Teams can use the extra week to prepare for their next opponents and make necessary adjustments.
  • Fantasy Football: Fantasy football managers need to know bye weeks to avoid having too many key players unavailable in a single week.

Understanding the NFL bye week schedule is essential for any football fan. Whether you’re planning to attend games, managing a fantasy football team, or just following your favorite team, knowing when they have their week off can help you stay ahead. The 2024-2025 NFL bye weeks span from Week 5 to Week 14, ensuring that every team gets a chance to rest and regroup during the season.

Happy NFL Season 2024-25!

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