Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football Schedule

NFL on Amazon Prime is the new option for Thursday Night Football fans. Starting in 2022, viewers will be able to watch Thursday Night Football exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The first 15 games of the regular season will be available to fans to watch beginning on September 15.

Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football Schedule

Amazon Prime NFL Thursday Night Football Schedule

Here is the Complete Thursday Night Football Schedule on NFL Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video will telecast 1 preseason game this year:

Thursday, Aug. 25 – Kickoff at 8 p.m. EST- 49ers @ Texans – NRG Stadium, Houston, TX

In the Regular Season, 15 games will be shown on Prime Video. Pregame coverage begins at 7 p.m. ET. Kickoff time is 8:15 p.m. ET.

DateWeekMatchupTime (ET)TV
Thursday, Sept. 15 2Chargers @ City Chiefs8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Sept. 223Steelers @ Browns8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Sept. 294Dolphins @ Bengals8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Oct. 65Colts @ Broncos8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Oct. 136Commanders @ Bears8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Oct. 207Saints @ Cardinals8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Oct. 278Ravens @ Buccaneers8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Nov. 39Eagles @ Texans8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Nov. 1010Falcons @ Panthers8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Nov. 1711Titans @ Packers8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Dec. 113Bills @ Patriots8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Dec. 814Raiders @ Rams8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Dec. 151549ers @ Seahawks8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Dec. 2216Jaguars @ Jets8:15 PMAmazon Prime
Thursday, Dec. 2917Cowboys @ Titans8:30 PMAmazon Prime

Do you want to get your Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football Schedule in a printable version? Download the Amazon TNF Schedule in PDF

Amazon Prime Thursday Night Football

What is Amazon’s NFL deal for Thursday Night Football?

Amazon has come to an agreement to pay approximately $1.2 billion annually beginning in March 2021 for the exclusive rights to broadcast “Thursday Night Football.” This amount is lower than what other networks charge for the same time slots on Sundays and Mondays, but it is an increase of 80% compared to what Fox Corporation paid for the rights in the previous deal.

Amazon Prime is the only streaming service that will provide the Thursday Night Football package this season. Amazon and the National Football League have decided to launch their new partnership during the fall of this year, despite the fact that the original plan called for it to begin in 2023. The National Football League has never before played behind a paid membership wall, making this a momentous milestone for the league.

How to Watch NFL on Amazon Prime?

Watching NFL on Prime Video is very easy and simple. Go to the Amazon Prime Video. If you haven’t an account on Amazon, first create it.

After signing into your Amazon account, navigate to the Prime portion of the website. If you are not currently a member of prime video, you need to join at this second.

Amazon Prime is available for a monthly fee of $14.99 or for an annual fee of $139. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime Video costs $8.99 per month. But if you choose the annual plan, you will get Amazon Prime + Amazon Prime Video benefits as well.

The monthly plan is ideal for customers who do not want to commit to Amazon Prime for an extended period of time or who just use the service on occasion (like during the summer or the holidays).

Locking in for the year will save you $40.88 over the course of the year if you like to buy products on the spur of the moment and take advantage of lightning specials, special discounts, and daily offers.

This is the finest option for those looking to master the talent. All in all, consider all of the benefits if you are a huge fan of NFL.

Does Amazon Prime include NFL Network?

Starting with the 2022 NFL season, Thursday Night Football will be broadcast on NFL Network using Amazon Prime Video as the exclusive video content provider. To be able to watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon, you need to have a membership of Amazon Prime Video.

Can I watch Super Bowl on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime members may watch a variety of live sports events, including games from previous seasons of the National Football League. Amazon Prime subscribers won’t be able to watch the big game unless they also have a subscription to one of the NBC services.

This is due to the fact that NBC controls broadcast rights in the United States. But if you prefer to TNF, Amazon Prime Video is definitely the best choice.

Who are Amazon Prime NFL announcers?

As of recently, Kevin Burkhardt has taken over for Buck as the primary play-by-play announcer for Fox. In May, the network made public their intention to replace Buck with legendary quarterback Tom Brady, who would work with Burkhardt in the broadcast booth.

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